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“What if words could change the world? What if the stories we read to children could – in the medium term – influence the society and remind it of values that seem forgotten?”

Born on March 8, 1986, in Lisbon, Daniel Sotero is a writer who shrewdly mixes his creativity and passion. This is the secret that allows him to arouse emotions in his readers, as if he was whispering to their soul.
Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, Sciences and Journalism, Daniel sells his works for a symbolic price, as he argues that money only has the value we give to it and believes that with affordable prices it will be easier to spread his message.

The author believes that the world can and should be a better place, and his works are nothing more than his mere contribution to this end.
Daniel Sotero also realizes that this will only be possible if the change happens first and foremost within each of us.