The Sparkling Minds book series was created to inspire young people (6-9 years old) to become the best version of themselves.

Our purpose is to offer magical reading time while trying to convey educational content on topics such as mindfulness, meditation, mental health, among others. While including core values such as kindness, love and respect.

This series includes four books that are available on Amazon. You can order your copy by simply clicking on any book cover. Available in paperback and ebook format.

The author’s dream is for readers to feel inspired enough to put the book’s messages into practice, in order to grow healthier, happier, stronger and more conscious.

Part of the annual profits will be donated to humanitarian associations working with children.

Let’s make the difference.

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About the Author

Born on March 8, 1986, in Lisbon, Portugal, Daniel Sotero is a writer who shrewdly mixes his creativity and passion. This is how he influences and captures his readers emotions, as if he is whispering to their soul.

Gratuated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, Sciences and Journalism, Daniel Sotero has also lived in different parts of the world. Experiencing self-growth and discovering new things along the way.

The author believes the world can and should be a better place. His work is nothing more than his mere contribution to this end. Yet, Daniel Sotero also realizes that this will only be possible if the change happens first and foremost within each of us.